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Dr. Liliana Bocanegra, PhD.

Holistic Life Coach

I was born with the 'gift' of connecting to, reading and healing energy. From an early age, I had premonition dreams, was able to predict what would happen, and was even able to heal some situations in order for them not to manifest. In the year 2002, the Virgin Mary presented herself to me and asked me to speak to and help all those people that would soon come looking for me asking for help. That was the point where my life changed.

In 2006 I completed a psychic course with the psychic Heidi Sawyer in the Institute of Psychic Development in the United Kingdom, increasing my abilities as an energy reader and healer. I also gained deeper knowledge about meditation and its benefits.   

In the year 2007, I became a group healer. I began giving courses such as Communication with Spirit, Healing through the Chakras, and Meeting your Angels, among others. These courses have been a success in places like Acuña and Piedras Negras Coahuila in Mexico, as well as Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and San Antonio, Texas in the United States.  

With the beginning of the great change, the year 2008 gave me one of my greatest challenges; connecting individuals with their inner I AM, one at a time. For this reason, I enrolled in advanced studies to become a holistic life coach. I received my Doctorate as a Holistic Life Coach together with the title of Metaphysical Minister. I obtained these from the University of Sedona founded by Dr. Paul Leon Masters.

I founded my Holistic Life Coaching practice on May 20th 2009. It was created with the sole purpose of helping humanity achieve the change it needs; one person at a time, one soul at a time. As a Master Soul, I serve as a guide for all those who have been searching for a way to reunite themselves with the beloved presence I AM; which lives in our hearts.  I help people fill their hearts with God’s love in its highest form. I assist them in living a life full of joy, peace and tranquility; achieving all they desire and more. Limits do not exist when your connection to the beloved presence I AM is a reality.  I am completely in love with God and enjoy helping others do the same. When God/Universe is on your side, everything is possible!

Dr. Liliana Bocanegra, Phd. Holistic Life Coaching

In 2003, I took several metaphysical classes with Mr. Francisco Espinoza Flor and his wife Marilyn in Laredo, Texas. There I learned to use the pendulum for general healing, spheres, cubes, and energy rays as well as their colors and their many uses.  From 2003 to 2006, I began healing people and gaining their trust.