General Consultation

Do you need  to check up on yourself to make sure you are on track; spiritually, mentally and physically? Have questions you think you have answers to but want to make sure? Read more...

Osho Zen Card Reading

Want to know your future based on what the spiritual cards have to say? Want to check on your relationship or know if you'll get the job? Read more...

Initial Consultation

Not sure what your issue is but you are sure you have one? Do you need for me to read your energy or listen to your story so I may recommend what service is right for you? Read more...


The journey toward your own evolved conscience can begin here and now. Just as there are massage techniques for the body, there are also ways to massage the soul. Join any of my programs and I will guide you to a better life and a spiritual  full body massage. Whether it is more money you want, a relationship, a better name it; I can help you achieve it! What your mind can see and your soul feel, your body will experience. All services are given via phone or Skype(with or without camera). Join me and take that important first step with faith and determination!


Online Courses