​*Services must be paid for in advance, or they cannot be provided.
*CALL PROCEDURE: The Client will be called by the Coach at the pre-arranged time using the phone number on file, unless they specify a different method using the "Appointment Notes" field and must provide their Skype email or Messenger profile in order for the Coach to contact them.
*3, 4 & 8 SESSION SERVICES: The Client must schedule their first session and process full payment. The rest of the sessions will be set up during the first session unless the Client receives an email from The Coach arranging the rest of the appointment before hand.

*CANCELLATIONS: You must give 24 hours prior notice if you need to cancel or change the time of an appointment, otherwise you will be charged for the session in full. For services with multiple sessions, the Client will forfeit that session only. Although emergencies are an inevitable part of life, you are still responsible for compensating the Coach for setting aside the time in her schedule.
*By scheduling an appointment you agree to our Terms & Conditions

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 ​​​Select an Initial Consultation when:

  • It is the first time you enroll in any of my services
  • You are wanting to determine which service is best
  • You have questions on what your spiritual path is
  • You have questions on your life's purpose/mission
  • You have questions about metaphysics
  • You have questions about the law of attraction
  • You want to start being happy, abundant and free

If you are ready for an initial consultation, schedule your one hour session. Also make sure to be in a quiet place where no one can disturb you and where you can completely let go during your appointment.

Review Terms & Conditions before scheduling your appointment.​

Initial Consultation