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If you have any doubts about metaphysics, how God/Universe sends messages or how the law of attraction works, ask me! If you have issues you want to find solutions to in your relationships, in your life, career or even within yourself, ask me! Fill out the form below and, once it has been reviewed, I will respond through an email or video message sent to your email. I will also post the video on my social media so others may benefit from the response. Ask all you want, I am here to help!

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"I am perfect health manifesting now, in every organ and cell of my body. I am perfect vision looking though these eyes. I am perfect hearing taking place in these ears. I am the only presence acting in this. I am the only presence acting in my world. I am the intelligence and the eye that finds everything. I am the light of this room. I am the visible light through this body now."

"Beloved presence I am, Protect me today, from venom, from fires, from water, from wounds. I am with me, I am in me. I am when I lay down, I am when I sit, I am when I get up. I am the beloved presence I am in the hearts of all that think about me, in the mouth of all who speak of me. I am the beloved presence I am in every eye that looks at me and every ear that listens to me." 

"I am the divine spirit. In God I live, move and have my soul. I individualize unlimited knowledge. I have direct knowledge of the truth. I have perfect intuition. I have spiritual perception. I KNOW. I KNOW."

"I am Gods presence in my Business, in my life, in everything that I do. I, as a creation of God, can’t lack anything, especially money which is the symbol of Gods presence and abundance on Earth. I am God’s riches. I am the affluence and abundance of anything I may need."


We must understand that the universe works like an echo. If you scream towards the universe “I am sad” the universe will respond with an “I am sad” and you will be sad all the time you wish to be sad or until you scream back at the universe something new. If you scream “I am happy” the universe will respond “I am happy” and you will be happy. It’s that simple. Don’t know who you are? Then learn more about yourself practicing the “Thought of the Day – Your Weekly Challenge”. ​

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To perform a good meditation, make sure you are in a place where there is total silence. Make sure you leave a portion of your day to do the mediation and have no interruptions. Being barefoot helps, but is not necessary. If you have earphones, I recommend you use them.  ​VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT try to listen to these mediations while you are driving or operating any kind of machinery that may be harmful to your health. 

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"I am one, I am alpha and omega in the being of white light. Alpha and omega are one where ever I am. I am what I am"(7)

"I am happy and because I am happy I have it all"(7)

"I am the owner of my own world. I am the victorious intelligence that governs it. I order this great radiant and intelligent energy of God to come into my world, I order for it to bring me Gods opulence, made visible for my hands and for my use."

​"I am man’s supremacy. Where ever I go, I am God in action. I am the presence that produces this master home. I am the ascension of this physical body now. I am the perfect activity of every organ and cell of my body."


If you do not know how to mediate, if you have no idea how to make things happen in your life, or you simply want to ask for a specific cause, you have my support so you may stay connected to the wonderful energy of the Universe from your own home. Follow the guide in these four areas and utilize whichever one you feel is better for you. If I have told you which is the best option for you at this time, practice accordingly. Change, only if your soul, guides or I have helped you determine it is the right time to take another rout.